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Soda’s Contribution to Global Warming

I was opening up a bottle of Coke the other day and got to wondering. What percentage of global CO2 emissions were caused by the release of CO2 found in soft drinks? I have done some digging to get the numbers I require for this...

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Daylight Savings Explained

It is just about that time again. For many of us in around the world the clocks will go back an hour on Sunday November 2nd at 2:00am, giving us that much needed extra hour of weekend sleep. Daylight savings time (DST) has been...

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X-Rays from Scotch Tape?

Physicists have made a recent discovery that just might affect you this Christmas. It seems that when you peel scotch tape off of the roll, it emits X-Rays lasting about a billionth of a second long. no need to be too worried...

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