Earthquake in Pacific Northwest – a Prediction


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The Pacific North West is long over due for a large earth quake. Over the past year the world has seen 4 very large and devastating earthquakes around the Ring of Fire.

  • Chile: Saturday Feb 27, 2010 – 8.8
  • Chile: Thursday March 11, 2010 – 7.2
  • New Zealand: Tuesday Feb 22, 2011 – 6.3
  • Japan: Friday March 11, 2011 – 9.0

If you plot out where each of these earthquakes are along the ring of fire, you will see that they fall in three of the 4 corners of the pacific. The missing Corner – North America.

These earthquakes also flow clockwise around the ring of fire starting in Chili, then New Zealand, then Japan, and next… well, it could be the Pacific North West…

So is California, or anyone along the West Coast of North America due for an earthquake? Well, I don’t really know. Earthquakes are very unpredictable, BUT if they did follow a pattern, it would seem that we are next, and fairly soon.

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If we look at the history of the past 50 years, the Juan de Fuca Subduction zone is the only fault line on the Ring of Fire that has not had a major earthquake. Its not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

So, while I  NO relevant education to back up my prediction, I am going to go out on a limb and make a prediction. I hope I am wrong, I probably am wrong, but here it is:

I predict a quake greater than 8.5 to hit somewhere between California and the west coast of Vancouver Island, most likely on the Juan de Fuca Subduction zone, in February of 2012.

Now we wait and see…

Do you think the Pacific North West will get hit bit a large Earthquake soon?

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Jan-11 Pole shift shuts down Tampa FL airport (>2% change).
18 Earthquakes since first of year.
Most 6.8 or greater.
2 in Midwest and one in Northern Cali only 4.1 range.
Hawaiian Volcano Eruption in March.
Predict one major in Asia as Japan activity adjusts on that side, and then the big ones for us in the US.
Don’t forget New Madrid. Last time a big one hit there the Mississippi River flowed backwards.

Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

The only person who really knows is God and he is not telling. As you say the best we can do is to be prepared so if it does happen we don’t become one of the statistics.


Actually, He IS telling! For the past several years I’ve been hearing from certain prophetic voices to prepare for a tsunami to hit the Oregon Coast. So, each time there is an earthquake somewhere off the coast, we all wonder if this the big one? What your saying, Scott, on this blog makes so much sense, it’s almost too simple. In fact, today I received an email from a group in intercessors in Pennsylvania who felt that God was telling them that Oregon is next, and to fast and pray for NO LOSS OF LIFE… I believe that God hears us when we pray. I also want to point out that New Zealand had 2 earthquakes…one was last September… so, Chile had 2, NZ had 2… the first one that happened in September sustained no loss of life due to the prayers of many that had been warned by the Lord beforehand to pray. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that is going on behind the scenes that nobody knows about…

We now know our history of mankind is wrong. Could our “God,” we pray to be an “ET?” Some disillusion cults believe Earth is a living being, how convenient. The problem in our society is no one on earth “Man,” knows!
I do however use some common sense with all recent info on discoveries, science, earth as an evolving planet, and a higher power.
The inevitability of a Mega-quake off the NW coast triggering a Tsunami and awakening CA’s San Andreas for me is soon!
We humans are in our dimension most unaware of others demonic, angels call them what you will moving around us everyday. Miracles; have you not heard of them? Unexplained happinings are due to either good or evil consequence so to speak. They are among us in the here and now that is a fact I am aware of some day all of mankind will too!!

Well we just had several in the last week. I am glad that none of these are on shore.

Now Mexico had the 7.4 today. I wonder when and if a quake will soon occur in the Pacific Northwest. I feel like a sitting duck!

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