Radiation from Japan Reaches North America


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Okay, so it is no mystery that the Radiation from Japan has reached North America. The real question is, just how much has reached us?

I have seen several reports that say how much is here, and these reports compare it to xrays, and travel, etc. But I think that is an unfair comparison.

BC Local News states that measured levels of radiation reaching us are at 0.0000005 millisieverts.

They say a dental x-ray is about 0.015 millisieverts, or 30,000 times as much.

So on the surface it sounds like what we are getting is trivial, barely measurable… except for one thing. The radiation from Japan is constant, the radiation from a dental x-ray lasts no more than a second.

Lets assume that a dental x-ray lasts one second (I have no idea how long it really is, it could be a fraction of a second).

With that in mind, it would take 30,000 seconds for the exposure to radiation from Japan to equal that of a dental x-ray.

There are 86,400 seconds in a day (24hrs x 60 min x 60 seconds). That is nearly the equivalent of 3 dental x-rays. Would getting 3 dental x-rays a day be safe? Lets say the radiation exposure lasts 2 weeks. (I have no idea how long this exposure would actually last), but at 2 weeks, that is equivalent to getting about 42 dental x-rays. That cant be good can it?

I accidentally found this article: “Ten Dental X-rays ‘raise caner risk’.” If this study was true, and 10 dental x-rays can increase the cancer risk, then wouldn’t 42 of them in a 2 week period be 4 times as much of a risk?

Someone please tell me I am NOT onto something here… Have I made a big error in my calculations or understanding of something here? Drop a comment and let me know.

Note: Lets assume for a second, that a dental x-ray takes 1/10th of a second. That would still make the radiation from japan equivalent to roughly 4 x-rays over a 2 week period. Much less than my guesses above, but still more than they are comparing it too.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! – (March 28, 2011)

I received an email from an individual who manages a Nuclear Medicine Department. (I will source who he is if he replies to my email with permission). Essentially the radiation from Japan is on a “per-day” basis. So with that in mind, (assuming that my source is both legit, and correct) The actual excess radiation we are experiencing would be equal to one dental X-Ray approximately every 82 Years, not every 8 hours.

Assuming that this is all true, then I for one am convinced (that at the current levels) we are under no danger what so ever.

(Lets just hope the levels of radiation that find their way over here don’t increase at an significant level).

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I have been thinking along the same lines. I’ve actually spent the past week in the fraser valley so that I can be closer to the highway east if people start taking this seriously.
I have felt like a real alarmist so it’s comforting to know someone else is also concerned.


If you havent seen the section in the above post labeled “IMPORTANT UPDATE” then you might want to check it out.

My calculations, while well intended, were off by a lot. It seems that when they give us the levels of radiation we are exposed to on the news, that is on a Per-Day basis (something that was never specified in any news reports I have read).

So while the levels COULD increase significantly should a total melt down occur etc, at this time, I at least am convinced we are in no danger from radiation at this point.

So that is good at least :)


I’m glad others are taking this seriously and not trusting the media. I live in Oregon and I’ve also felt a bit alarmist about the radioactive fallout, which is very unusual for me, but perhaps because this seems like a legitimate concern. The iodine pill prevetion is an over-reaction but I do think we should be worrying about this.

My gut feeling is that there is a fairly significant amount of radioactive material coming across in the winds. Starting about a week after 3/11, I began to wake up in the morning with a stuffy nose and sore throat, and after blowing my nose, etc I would feel mostly OK. It felt like a cold was coming on, which is normal this time of year, but it never developed. However, I’ve felt this way every morning since then, which is nearly a month now. I don’t think it’s a cold or allergy, as I rarely have either, so I wonder if the amount of radiation that is coming across is enough to slightly disturb our immune systems? I do sleep with the window slightly open. Several of my friends have had a nagging cold or sore throat for weeks also, but colds are common in the Pacific Northwest during the rainy season…

What do you think? Most people are quick to say that there’s no threat from the radiation and certainly the media is downplaying it, but my feeling is that the amount of radioactivity we’re experiencing is akin to an atmospheric pollutant, like say a really smoggy day in LA. In Japan they are still advising people to stay indoors within that perimeter around the Fukushima plant, so that leads one to think that the air MUST be highly toxic. I went camping last weekend, the first time since last summer, and I had bad dreams and felt groggy the next day. Perhaps because the outdoor air is in fact laden with harmful particles? I slept much more poorly than I do at home, but I always sleep wonderfully out in the woods…. it got me thinking and it seems to add up.

I’m just speculating and since I’ve read some thoughtful posts on here I wanted to share my thoughts as well. If my intuition is correct, then I think we are in for many months of exposure to above-average levels of toxicity in the environment. I feel terrible for the people of Japan, it must be so sad there. If we are feeling it here, I can only imagine what it’s like there.



Ok, I’m not going to claim to be an expert when it comes to nuclear energy but I can tell you with near certainty that cold like symptoms are not being caused by radiation.

I have been watching rad levels across the northern hemisphere since the day of the earthquake and with the exception of a 1 hour period, all the levels are within normal limits.

During that 1 hour period (shortly after they intentionally released radiation to relieve pressure in the #3 reactor ) levels spiked 200% higher than the IAEA’s recommended safe levels but then quickly fell back to normal.

While trace amounts have been found, the type of nuclear fuel pellets used at Fukashima have a much shorter half-life than some of the more severe types of radio-active materials used at other nuclear power plants around the world. A shorter half-life means that the actual amount of radiation quickly dissapates to safe levels.

In regards to the large *attempt* to keep this a cover-up, they weren’t fooling anyone. Only days after the crisis began, trace amounts of Cessium were found around the world – a radioactive isotope found ONLY AFTER a full meltdown has begun…

What you may find even more shocking is that Nuclear reactors around the world release highly radioactive materials into the atmosphere on a regular basis but are never reported in the news! Just in recent times (past year) I have found EPA reports of numerous “atmospheric leaks” from reactors throughout Canada, several in the midwest including WI and IL – and many along both the east and west coasts!

In fact, there was a large scale release along the US/Canada border only a few days after the Japan earthquake! I’ll bet no one saw that on the news!!

Radioactive “leaks” occur all the time when a reactor gets too hot or builds up too much pressure. The plant operators then have to relieve the pressure by venting highly radioactive steam into the atmosphere to avoid meltdown conditions.

If you’re concerned about the amount of radiation you’re being exposed to, there is a public website that anyone can access 24/7 called The Radiation Network.

For the most part, levels up to 50CPM are well within normal limits. At higher altitudes (ie Denver) you may see levels as high as 70CPM which is normal. Anything over 130 will cause an alert, this is over the legal “safe limit” and most likely means there is some type of radioactive leak or spill.

FYI – shortly after Fukashima relieved the pressure from reactor #3, counters along the west coast read levels as high as 265CPM (2x the legal safe limit) for appx 1 hour. Levels quickly dissapated and were down to ~70-75CPM by the time it reached sensors in Atlanta.

Oh, in case you’re wondering The Radiation Network uses a different system, CPM’s vs mSv. CPM’s are Counts Per Minute using a highly accurate gieger counter. I’m not sure what the exact conversion is but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere…

This has been a multiple meltdown of the worst type.
We are about to find out just how much radiation we
can really take. There is no fixing those smoking melted
reactors. The fuel has gone through the pressure vessel,
through the containment and into the earth and water.
It is in the air and people are getting lung and thyroid cancer. People are getting head and neck cancer and foot cancer. (open toed shoes)

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