If you have no idea who MrBeast is you are likely not alone. A few weeks ago I had never heard of him. Then I stumbled on a random video of his on YouTube where he dumped 100,000,000 orbees into a swimming pool. Then I saw a few more videos. At first I just figured it was some rich kid doing stupid things for some attention. And heck, perhaps he started out that way. But then I started to gain some respect for him.


I have barely scratched the surface of his videos, but some of the more recent ones I was impressed by. In one video he helped out a man who was going homeless by giving him a place to live, furniture, clothes, food, etc. In another he bought out an entire grocery store and donated everything to a food bank and animal shelter. Interesting videos that ultimately ended up helping those less fortunate.

In some cases he donates insane amounts of money to random video gamers streaming their game play, or does crazy things like buying cars with pennies.

In many of his videos the end result is surprising people with cash. Sometimes lots of it.

So that has led to this blog post. I want some of that cash! The problem though – I don’t stream video game play. Largely because I suck. I am possibly the worst gamer of all time. Perhaps I could stream that – but would anyone watch? And even if I did, the odds that he would see it and donate are slim to none anyway.

I have seen people beg via social media, asking for a handout and he has replied with that cash gift! Now, I am not above begging, but it is not something I do. Then I had an idea.

If someone could throw up a 140 character tweet asking for money and receive it, perhaps putting some extra time and effort into a full blog post would warrant not only a gift, but perhaps even a large gift.

So here I am. Begging for money from a complete stranger via a blog post. Do I deserve the money? Well… maybe, but probably not. But maybe? Will he even see this post? Probably not. If he sees it would he send me cash? Also probably not. But what do I have to lose? Nothing! Just a little bit of time.

So, now we get to the point. Mr Beast should buy me a boat. Why? I’ll tell you. But first click on all these links and do all these things 🙂


Buying a House for a Homeless Person

Buying Everything in a store

Donating $40,000 to a Random Fortnite Streamer

Buy Mr Beast Merchandise

Buy MrBeast Merchandise! Give him a reason to buy me a boat!

Mr Beast on YouTube

Watch and subscribe to Mr Beast on YouTube! Tell him I sent you!

Mr Beast on Twtiter

You should really follow Mr Beast on Twitter today! Do it!

Why I want a boat.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the water fishing with my dad. I have many great memories trolling for salmon and spending long summer days on the water. Being on the water is my happy place. It was one of the few things my dad and I did together. The boat we fished in was a 14′ Aluminum Lund with two old crappy 9.9 HP motors. The boat was sketchy as hell, but it did the job (barely). It did create a lot of great experiences and memories. The main reason I want a boat is to relive those experiences with my son (The good ones at least, maybe not the near death ones) He is 7. Around the same age I was when I started fishing with my dad. I want my son to look back when he is in his 40’s and remember the good times on the water with me.

My dad passed away a few years ago, and I have been thinking of him a lot lately. Many times my thoughts go to those very memories. A boat is just not in our life budget right now. Maybe some day. Maybe the day after Mr Beast sees this? Maybe?

Why should Mr Beast by me a boat?

  1. He shouldn’t. This is ridiculous. Why am I begging a stranger to drop $50k+ on me? I can’t believe I have sunk to this level. But…
  2. Because he gives random people money, often for no reason. Some of those people do nothing to earn it. Sometimes a brief tweet beg. I am putting in the effort to write up an entire blog post! Has to be worth something, right?
  3. Because I am telling anyone who reads this to Subscribe to Mr Beast on YouTube and Follow him on Twitter! So do it! Now!
  4. Because I have links to his merchandise, and social accounts. Free links! He could just consider the $50k+ as a funds used to purchase ads! Right?
  5. Because if he buys me a boat, I will take him out fishing any time he decides to come up to Canada and visit. Heck, maybe he can turn it into a whole video and get the boat donated by Hewescraft! Wont cost him anything plus it could turn into material, and a vacation.
  6. Because, Please?

hewescraft searunnerWhat boat would I want

In a dream situation I would want a Hewescraft Searunner 190. As seen in the photo to the right. This would be the perfect boat for my family, safe, stable, reliable, fun, roomy, suitable for fishing and fun. If Money was no object this is what I would buy. That said, if all he wants to buy me is a 14′ Lund like I grew up fishing with – well – beggars can’t be choosers, even though I am being both. I would still graciously accept.

So what do you say Mr Beast? Feeling Boaty?