The 2016 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching. Many athletes have dropped out due to fears of the Zika Virus, but there really are many reasons why this Olympics should have been cancelled long ago! Here are just a few things happening in Brazil that may discourage you from wanting to venture to South America this Summer.

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Zika Virus

The Zika Virus is all over the news lately. This epidemZika Virus Rio Summer Gamesic has reached more than 60 countries and is running rampant in Brazil. Infected people typically show no signs of the virus but it can cause devastating birth defects in fetuses and may lead to neurological problems in adults later in life. The virus is still relatively new and we have a lot to learn about it, but considering there is no cure and no medication available to treat it, the thought of catching Zika is scary.

For anyone who is pregnant or planning on getting pregnant, or planning on getting someone pregnant, they should stay far away from Zika.

Crime in RioCrime, Money, Politics

Crime in Brazil is high. This in itself poses a risk, but if you are at the Olympics there will be tight security – there should be little danger right?

A recent CNN article quotes Rio cops as saying they won’t be able to protect tourists! Police officers have not been paid in months due to the countries significant financial crisis. The state police held up a sign last week that said “Welcome to Hell.” Doesn’t sound very encouraging to me.

Rio Super BacteriaSuper Bacteria

Brazilian scientists have detected a drug-resistant bacteria. This bacteria is thriving off of some of Rio’s most beautiful beaches including one set to hold Olympic sailing competitions.  One German Paralympic sailer, Heiko Kroger said after his visit to Rio that he had to keep his nose and lips closed as every time he got a splash of water in his face it felt like there was ‘some alien enemy entering’ his face.

Visiting a country that is suffering from political uncertainty, financial hardship, significant crime, unpaid police force, super bacteria, and the little known ZIka Viris does not sound like a dream vacation to me. I think I will stick to Disney – at least there I only need to worry about alligators.