When I first heard of and started to see friends playing Farmville, I thought. This is so stupid.

When I first saw and tried Cityville, I kind of liked it. I was a big fan of SimCity and I thought Cityville may bring some of this to the world of facebook. While it does to a degree, it is really nothing like Cityville, and after just a couple weeks of playing it off and on I have abandoned the game.

The biggest problem with the game is the excessive reliance on your friends (Neighbors). For every Community building you build you need your friends to staff it. Dont have enough friends playing the game? Well, then you will just have to fork over cold hard cash, and a lot of it! Seriously? I would rather pay a one time fee of $40 or whatever and be done with it. This ongoing charging to my credit card is NOT for me. No way Cityville, you are NOT getting my cash.

With just about every move you make in this game, Cityville wants you to SPAM your facebook friends walls with notice after notice (the same as farmville did, only worse). I have blocked all applications that do this, and in some cases even some friends!! And, if you dont spam your friends, you simply can not reach certain accomplishments. Top open certain buildings you need certain items. You have to post to your facebook wall that you need the item in the game, then someone else has to click the link for you to get the item. If nobody is playing from your friend list, then you can not proceed. (without spending real cash).

This problem is compounded by the fact that to open certain new buildings you may need 50 different items and 12 friends to “staff” it. Seriously? What a joke.

Playing this game is incredibly frustrating due to this strong dependance on others. If you have 100 facebook friends that like being SPAMMED all the time, and play the game, perhaps you can actually make some progress, but its simply not worth it otherwise.

I have to say I am shocked that so many people are falling for this game. Sure the makers of Cityville need to pay their bills, but they are seriously ripping off their players. If you want to buy say $150,000 in coins, it will cost you $100USD of REAL MONEY. The cost of building a house in the game can cost as little as 450 coins, or as much as a million!!! So to build that million coin house, you would have to spend about $650 of REAL MONEY. Seriously??? (Or you could just play the game for a LOOONG TIME with your 500 other friends who are all playing it.

Forget it. I didn’t make it very far in the game, and I blocked the app. Don’t waste your time with this one.