I would like to thank Ross for sending me info on this. I was rather surprised by this, but really, not worried much.

According to the Guardian, It seems that for years experts have been able to successfully copy keys based on photographs, but today the technology exists to use computers to make exact copies from these same photo’s – the forgery has become much easier for anyone with a little technical know-how.

Computer experts at the University of California were able to create some software which can look at a photo of a key, process some numbers, and then create an exact duplicate using a key-cutting machine. Photos tested included those taken with camera phones and telephoto lenses. In one example they took a photo from the roof of some keys sitting on a table at a café and made usable copies.

One of the problems this poses is that if you scan the internet on photo sharing sites such as Flickr, you will find photos of keys. With the right software and hardware, it would not be difficult to make copies of these keys, and researching who posted the photo and finding where they live probably wouldn’t take much either. This makes it rather scary to think that your photo online could allow some criminals access to your home!

Now personally I am not too worried about this, if you are careful it’s pretty easy to avoid, but the concept is still rather creepy – makes me wonder if technology is really our friend.