I must say I am disappointed with the hatred towards Muslims. Are there Muslim terrorists out there causing mayhem? Yes there are. Lots of them. But guess what, they account for a VERY small percentage of total Muslims.

Blaming all Muslims for ISIS and the terror attacks is no different than blaming all Christians for the KKK. All Christians aren’t Racist are they?

A great comic by Nick Anderson is circulating Facebook right now. It shows a gun owner saying that “the vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens who shouldn’t be punished for a few massacres.” A Muslim woman approaches and says “The vast majority of muslim-americans are…” and then the gun toting American yells at her to “Get Out.”


This comic really hits the nail on the head.

Millions… No, Hundreds of Millions… actually, more than a Billion Muslims are innocent. A huge percentage of the human population is being classified as extremists, when all they want is to live in peace.

As a white Canadian male it is difficult for me to understand the hatred these people are experiencing. I just hope that the racists out there see their mistake, but they won’t.