Please Canada, I’m too pretty for jail, don’t lock me up!

I don’t think I really have much to worry about, but over in Italy a judge has ruled that blogging is the same as publishing an unregistered newspaper – something that is punishable by fines and jail time, 250 Euros and up to two years behind bars! Since the ruling back in September, a second blogger has also been taken down by the Italian government!

It’s rather interesting. Citizens do have the right to free speech dating back to 1948, however, there is also a law in place that contradicts this staging that publishers mush officially register their new publications. How many bloggers in Italy do you think have their blogs officially registered? I am guessing none.

If you look deeper into Italian laws, apparently the vast majority of Italian websites are technically illegal! This means that there are an estimated 5 million illegal websites floating around out there – I hope Italy has a lot of vacant prison cells for all these hardened criminals.

(The Register goes into far more detail, so to learn more about this be sure to take a look)