img1Recently my wife, daughter, and I went camping at a local provincial campground. On the last evening of our stay, a branch fell from an obviously dead tree, and dented the roof of our car.

The damage to the car is around $270 – the deductible, $300 – So certainly there is nothing my insurance company can do.

I, as the victim, want the park to pay for the damage.

Now I realize that in the majority of cases, it would be considered an act of nature, and I would not have a leg to stand on – its just my tough luck. In this case, I feel it is different – I feel like there is some negligance involoved.

If a branch fell from a healthy tree, with or without wind, then so be it – its probably not preventable, but in this case, the branch that fell was dried up and dead, and fell from a dried up and dead tree – on a day with zero wind! To me this was 100% preventable. The tree was also located immediately along side the campsite, in plain view, its not like it was well hidden in the woods.

(Also, the park assigns you a spot, you dont get to choose your spot – so what is a person supposed to do if they are assigned a spot with a dead tree? refuse the spot, lose your reservation fee, and go home? Perhaps…)

Every year the provincial parks apparantly have arbourists evaluate the park and remove and handle “problem trees”. They missed this one – its obvious from the photos, that something should have been done to this tree.

I called the company that manages the provincial park, and they deny any responsibility to my claim and basically brushed me off. I honestly don’t think I will get any where, but needed to vent a little. Please vote and let me know your opinion.

Should the Park reimburse me for the damages?

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