If you are like me, you saw Borat. If you are like me you got something you didnt expect. My expectations for Boart were for a funny movie, but I certainly didnt expect the shocking nature and incredibly politically incorrect & offensive jokes – was this a problem? Hell no – I LOVED the movie, not sure I ever laughed so hard in my life! Probably the funniest off-beat thing I had seen since Jackass!. Now with Bruno in theatres I need to get out and see this. I need a good laugh.

The best part about these Sacha Baron Cohen movies is that they are “leave your brain at the door funny.” You have to be able to put your guard down and just be entertained. If you are offended easily, skip his movies – they’ll anger you – but if you are able to just sit back and laugh, then its probably a must see!

During my work day, my boss of all people shared the Sacha Baron Cohen David Letterman interview with me. What a great interview. It then led me to watch the Bruno trailer, and then the Bruno top ten list. What a great way to start the work day, with a good ‘ol laugh.

If you’ve seen the movie, PLEASE drop a comment with your review, I want to know if its really as funny as I am anticipating – I am sure it will be as offensive 🙂

I wanted to also display the official trailer, but embedding has been disabled over at YouTube, so here it is wrapped up in another post, just have to scroll ahead a minute or so to get to it: