On Saturday evening our dog, Buster, was acting very strange. Near bedtime, he was barking, running around in the house, and very easily startled. He kept wanting to go outside, barking at the door (something that is VERY rare for him at night). When we let him outside, he would just sit on the step and stare at the door – not like him at all.

My wife put him on the bed with us, normally he would just lay at our feet. Instead he kept coming and trying to sleep on our pillows and nuzzle up to us. It was all very strange.

I dozed off and then my wife woke me up, worried that something was going to happen, like an earthquake. We have seen many shows where people claim that their pets have acted strange before an earthquake, or other disaster.

That night nothing happened. In the morning, I even went online to see if anything had happened anywhere, and nothing. Then this morning I found out that an earthquake ad in fact struck!

A 7.2 Earthquake struck Mexico at 3:40 Sunday afternoon. Here is the CNN report.

Now I am not certain that Animals do in fact have the ability to predict earthquakes – maybe they do, maybe they don’t, I don’t know, but this does make me wonder. We’ll find out next time he acts all weird.