Now I’ve heard it all…

Read about this earlier today in The Herald. Usually when there is a police chase, it’s the result of some felon trying to escape his evil doings associated with robbery, murder, drugs, or something along those lines. This is the first time I have heard of one instigated by a man making sweet sweet love to a pasta jar.

Over in Australia police approached a vehicle stopped in a no-parking zone. When they pulled up to the car with their lights flashing, suspect, Keith Roy Weatherley sped away. Police followed in a high speed pursuit, at times reaching a lightning fast 20 km/h (about 12 MPH for all your American readers).

The chase lasted about 10 minutes when Weatherley was finally stopped – he refused to leave the car. Using batons and capsicum spray, they removed him from the vehicle and found a 750ml jar around his “special purpose”, which he continued to use to pleasure himself while police wrestled him to the ground.

After searching his car, police found pornography, a home made sex toy, women’s stockings, and a Jack Russell terrier.

He was fined $600.

You just can’t make this stuff up!