The other day I posted a comment on a blog about our cat. In the blog post the Author, Scott (no not me) had noted that a stray cat had moved into his car as its new home. That got me thinking about our cat Toby, and I wrote a lengthy comment. Here is an expanded version of the comment I wrote on that post.

Toby and the Car
When my wife (girlfriend at the time) first moved in together about 10 years ago or so, we got a cat. Toby. Toby is a fat white cat with blue eyes. We took Toby every where. When we would travel home for the holidays, about a 3 hour drive, Toby would come with us and ride in the back window of the car. When we’d go to the store, Toby would come for a car ride. He even came with us to the beach once, but he didn’t like the waves, they scared him. After a few years, Toby no longer came with us, and we left him at home when we traveled, but Toby has never forgotten his love for the car.

Its been years since he was last allowed in the car, (Other than the occasional trip to the vet). Whenever he gets the chance he will get in and hang out, leaving a nice white mess. Often if we leave the windows open, even just a couple inches, he will climb up on the roof and manage to get into the car – not sure how he does it with all that bulk – must be in cahoots with Santa.

There is nothing I hate more than seeing muddy footprints all over my nice clean car and a pile of cat hair on the drivers seat, but I guess its my fault, I never should have shared with him the love of the car.

We had a garage sale once, and he jumped into a few cars of thrifty shoppers… I should have let them drive away with him. Oh well – next time.

Toby’s a good cat most of the time. At 28lbs (yes 28 lbs) he outweighs our other giant cat Milo (about 18 lbs) our Shih-tzu buster (12 lbs) and our daughter Emma (19 lbs). We love Toby, but if someone came by and stole him, I probably wouldn’t lose much sleep over it. I have been converted – I am a dog person now. (If you can call a Shih-tzu a dog).