I have noted in a recent post that I love Christmas time, everything about it – such a happy time of year.

In the past I have decorated my car, nothing fancy, just a few lights, and a bow. It’s been a few years, and this year I decided to do it again. I put up some Christmas lights in the back window. Since putting them up I have had numerous smiles and compliments from people. Everyone seems to love it. Except the certain cop who pulled me over last week. Now I am a hardend criminal.

Apparently Christmas lights are “unauthorized lights” and subject to an $81 fine. You have to be kidding me. What a joke. I was fortunate enough to only get a warning, no fine this time, so perhaps there is some Christmas spirit in the officer, but still.

The lights are up for only a few short weeks – if I was a cop I am pretty sure I would turn a blind eye to this sort of festive behavior. Oh well – she didn’t complain about the bow in my front grill or the mini-stocking on the rear view mirror, so that’s a good thing I suppose. At least I tried to be festive.