Update Oct 01, 2012: I did not end up trying Just Cloud so cannot provide a recommendation of my own but after reading the many comments on this post, would probably recommend that users stay far away from it.

I have recently been searching for cloud storage options, primarily for photos, but also for important file backups. It seems that there are a ton of options available these days and its hard to find which solutions are the best bet.

One that I came across recently was Just Cloud. One thing that really caught my eye about Just Cloud is the unlimited storage. Most programs offer encrypted and secure, multiple computer syncing etc, but it seems that unlimited storage is something that can be rather expensive in many cases – and when it comes to backing up photos, storage demands grow constantly (especially when you have two kids!). The price is comparable to other cloud services at $4.95 a month but offers unlimited storage.

Setting up automatic backups makes things incredibly easy, with no need to even think about backing up files. Everything is done automatically  so you can breath easy knowing your files are always safe and secure. Another nice feature is the ability to access your files from anywhere, including using your tablets, smart phone, and any other forms of mobile access. You can also easily share files and folders anytime with anyone without opening up your entire library of files. You can share files via email, social media, or via custom links.  Sharing large files between users becomes increasingly easy, so no more sending 100 MB emails to your mother with photos of your kids – with Just Cloud you can simply share the folder saving both time and money!

Ratings from those using Just Cloud help prove that it really does a great job satisfying the needs of anyone looking for cloud storage.

While I haven’t made a full decision as of yet what program I will choose, Just cloud has everything to fit the bill and it looks like I will be signing up shortly.

(Have you used Just Cloud or any other cloud storage options? If so please drop a comment with your opinions on this and others to help me decide which way to go)

July 30, 2012 Update: I have had a lot of negative comments about JustCloud. Thanks everyone who has spoken of their experience. Ken recently wrote a comment and dropped a link to his personal review. All I can say is WOW. Here is his link in case you missed it in the comments. http://kenmcvay.com/?p=366