A few days ago I wrote a post and embedded a video about United Airlines breaking Musician, Dave Carroll’s Guitar. (You can see the original post here: United Airlines Will Break Your Guitar).

I recall that same day reading something online about Delta Airlines, and when I wrote the post about United, for some reason I ended up referencing Delta.  Not sure exactly how this happened, but its been fixed. For the record, to the best of my knowledge, Delta Airlines has not broken any guitars, but who knows, I didn’t research this much.

When I returned yesterday form a weekend camping trip I found a comment from “tex” basically calling me a twit for my error, and went on a little rant. While his response was somewhat inappropriate, I corrected my mistake then decided to approve his comment, and a nice little thread began to emerge for that post. (I don’t think tex likes me, but maybe if he got to know me we could be friends? I hope so, otherwise it will make me very very sad)

I really don’t know what got into him – perhaps he was having a bad day, perhaps he is just some guy trying to have a little fun, and wrote his replies with a grin on his face – truth is, it doesn’t matter, it was fun – I enjoy a little arguing now and then. (My wife told me to just delete his first comment and block him – but where is the fun in that?)

My question at this point is, do you think he was a little over the top? Do you feel his response was inappropriate? Be sure to vote to let me know – I am curious. If I find that an overwhelming majority take his side I’ll… well, I’ll probably not do anything, but I will be humbled for knowing that I was “wronger” than I though. (Yes ‘tex’, I know “wronger” is not a word, please don’t call me out for misleading youngsters learning to master the English language).

I for one will be making sure to be as accurate in my posts as possible as to not offend the all-mighty tex in the future.

Were the comments from "tex" inappropriate and over the top?

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