On one hand I think people need to lighten up to a degree – society today is so touchy. A person can’t say anything without offending someone else. Political correctness has really gone way to far. Terms and phrases that were once used in a proper way are being banned because they offend people. We can’t even talk about the past without someone getting all up in arms. Its ridiculous.

On the other hand, some times people and groups take it just a little too far. The following ad was apparently created by a Brazilian advertising agency for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to try and drum up some business.  Supposedly it was never meant to go public – well it did.

The ad is very powerful if you think about it. I can certainly see what the creators were thinking, and while I agree with the message, I am not convinced that the world, or at least the US is ready to make light of the 9/11 attacks…

What are your comments on this banned ad?