So I see a lot of weird stuff – and some of it is super disgusting. Case in point: today I had an instant message sent over to me from a good friend. I will leave his name out of this post as I am sure he does not want anyone knowing he was shopping around for this stuff.

He sent me a link to a cook book. The title of the book: “Natural Harvest – A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes“. Say what??

At first I was positive this must be some kind of a joke. I checked out the site, scanned through some of the sample pages, and while I am pretty convinced this is not a joke, I really really really wish it was.

So even though this book does appear to exist, I am willing to guess that the vast majority of purchases were likely made by people looking for that perfect gag gift.

I am half tempted to buy it, just for the laughs it would bring me to put it on the table after having company over for dinner. “Oh, that pasta you liked so much, I got the recipe from this book”.