If you are ever looking to buy something buy it from Costco. Why? Cause they will let you return anything giving you the comfort you would not get elsewhere.

On Aug 10, my wife and I bought an HP mini Netbook. We thought it would come in handy. While this is not a review of the Netbook, I will tell you that we simply found the small size incredibly awkward for normal use, and the lack of an optical drive made life difficult at times (something I thought would not be an issue). We thought we would use it all the time but ended up barely using it all. Just last week or so ago it started to have major problems. Whenever we would try to boot it up it would hang on the HP Logo screen, and would require several On-Off switches, and popping the battery in and out a few times, before it would eventually boot up – not good. We were starting to regret having spend the $400+ on it.

I dug up our receipt for warranty purposes and found that it had been 95 days since we bought it. Turns out Costco has a 90 day return policy! So we figured, rather then sending it away to be fixed on warranty, we’d try returning it and wash our hands of this Netbook experience. I called Costco, explained the situation and that we were just a few days past the return policy expiry, and they said to bring it back, no problem.

So that’s what we did, we took it back, and they refunded our money in full with no questions, problems, or anything. What other business would do that? I can guarantee Future Shop and many of the other big box stores would never do such a thing!

Over the years my wife and I have spent thousands of dollars at Costco. We’ve bought mostly groceries, but also some big ticket items like tires and electronics. This fantastic customer service is just one reason we keep going back. By allowing us to return the Netbook, it just helps solidify our patronage to the store, and almost guarantees to them that they will recoup the small amount of profit they would have made from us had they not taken back the laptop.

Costco, thank you for kicking ass!