As if the world isn’t messed up enough, we get this fantastic virus that decides to try and wipe us all off the planet. Perhaps it isn’t even a virus at all. Maybe it is a vaccine administered by mother nature to try and eradicate the human infestation. Well, it won’t work. I will survive – queue Gloria Gaynor. I will be the sole survivor. I will be the last man on earth – I will be the one cutting the hole in the diving board to poop through. (Someone gets that reference right?)

Humans are Doomed

I am convinced that humans will go extinct. Certainly not within our lifetimes (unless by some miracle this blog has survived and someone is reading it 1000 years in the future!, but I don’t think this virus is the end even though the word apocalypse is being thrown out there an awful lot.

Pandemic (On NETFLIX)

Early on in all this I watched Pandemic on NETFLIX. Afterall, it was trending. I had seen it when the movie first came out but had not watched it since. It was incredibly eerie how true-to-life it really was. In many ways it accurately predicted Covid-19 and the state of the world. Of course, it is a movie, so things were worse to keep it from being boring, but the similarities were uncanny. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch then try to sleep at night.

Some of us are lucky. My income is unchanged and I live in a part of the world with very few incidences of the virus. Sure, stores, schools, parks etc are all closed, and the world feels messed up, but my family has it pretty good in the grand scheme of things. Others out there are suffering at levels I can’t imagine. And even others are living in complete ignorance bound to end up as statistics.

Part of why things aren’t too bad here? People are staying home! Stay home people!!! It actually works!

To think, that if at the start of all this, if every single person on the planet just stayed home for 2 weeks. Just 2 weeks! COVID-19 would be extinct already. We would be done with it completely. Hardly anyone would have died, the economy would again be roaring, all would be good. But we as a species are too dumb. Too stubborn. Too greedy, ignorant, selfish. Some denied COVID’s existence for months (*cough* TRUMP *cough*). Some tried to cover things up. People were just dumb. Its such a shame. We are supposed to be the smart species on this planet. Guess not.

COVID for People Who Deserve it?

I must say, I do get some pleasure from certain individuals contracting COVID. Like the NC woman, Audrey Whitlock, who organized anti-lockdown protests who recently tested positive. Or the “most homophobic” minister, Yaakov Litzman, health minister for Israel who claimed that the current outbreak of COVID-19 was divine punishment from God because of Pride Parades. Gotta love Karma – or perhaps he is correct and is secretly gay?

COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories

And whats up with the COVID-19 conspiracy theories?

  • Caused by 5G Really? Not even sure what to say about this.
  • Escaped from a Chinese lab? I suppose it is not impossible but seems pretty unlikely.
  • Biological Weapon? Again, seems like it could be possible, but if this the case the country that started it did a poor job of protecting themselves considering that very single country is impacted here.
  • Or perhaps it does not even exist! The entire thing is a lie. Covid is not real. It is a hoax. Give me a break.
    Makes sense that conspiracy theories would float around, but some of these are just laughable.


Why Did I Write this Covid-19 Post?

So Why am I writing this blog post? Honestly, I have no idea. Surprised you read this far. Thanks for that. I have no words of wisdom. No answers. No opinions that really matter. Just one more piece of litter on the internet for those bored in the world surfing endlessly while waiting to leave their homes to find and read and forget about.