I am always amazed by the power of the internet.

Yesterday my wife and I bought a new BBQ. We decided to sell our old one on craigslist. The old one has a few small issues, but all in all it’s okay. I would have tried selling it for $50. My wife, well, she wanted a quick sale and put it up for $20. Oh well.

So after an hour or so we got an email from someone who was interested. The next day, this morning, she called back and said she was trying to find someone with a truck to come and pick it up for them.

She called me back saying that she had a friend who would be passing through town with a truck and could pick it up. The buyer would meet the friend at our house, pay us, pick up the BBQ, and be on their way.

What makes this all interesting is that the buyer and her husband had never met the person picking up the BBQ. Turns out the buyer posted to Facebook that she was looking for someone with a truck to help them out. One of her “friends” volunteered her husband to come by. Before today, none of them had ever met, nor even knew they existed, and here was the guy with the truck picking up the purchase for them.

Within 24 hours we had listed and sold our BBQ on craigslist, and the buyer had met and managed a favor out of a guy with a truck. A couple things not really possible before the days of the internet – at least not at this speed.