My wife and I just recently bought a house and lately have been buying and selling quite a bit using Craigslist. I have to say, that I am very surprised at how quickly you can sell stuff there, we have had a great response from our posts, and are selling stuff rather quickly.  Gotta love Craigslist!

One of the categories we check out frequently is the “housewares” category. Recently someone posted an ad essentially complaining about a particular retail store posting listings for new commercial products, and I thought I would use this as some inspiration for something to write about. First, this is the location/category in question:

First, My opinion:

I have to agree with a few of the posters that commercial advertisments are a bit anoying here, and they should not be permitted. My reasons for this opinion is simple. I agree with the first poster, and believe that if commercial retailers start using Craigslist excessively, as this one particular business has been doing, then before long all commercial businesses will be doing the same thing, and this will drown out all of those who are trying to sell their used products.

I happened to notice the particular business posting quite a few items, but as I was looking only for used appliances, I simply ignored them.

As of my writing of this post, 4 people in total had responded to this issue. Here are their comments in the order they were posted.


Is anyone else sick of Central Builders in Courtenay SPAMMING Craigslist with their inventory? This should not be permitted, at this rate all commercial retail outlets will eventually be posting here for Free advertising, littering the place with crap.

I went to Central Builders as I was looking for a fridge/stove, and their deals aren’t nearly as good as their Craigslist ad states, and there selection is terrible.

I am boy-cotting them until these posts stop.


Not sure what the problem was. I recently went to the business in question and found their selection quite good. And the prices that attracted me were quite clearly listed in the ads. Make your own decision.

A VERY satisfied customer.


I agree that there Craigslist ads are SPAM. This is not a place for commercial retail advertisement. Their selection & price is irrelevant, they should not be spamming here, its not the place. This is a place for individuals to buy and sell their used products, not brand new retail. I chalk their ads in craigslist up there with the mass spam email I get for Nigerian money scams and penis products.


I think you should check some of the other categories, like materials for instance. You will find plenty of commercial resellers there. If you had a bad experience, it probably should not be posted here.

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Here is a Fifth Post:

How can the commercial resellers be listed as spam? It’s not sent to your e-mail and you are not forced to look at it. You sound disgruntled and need an outlet for your words I guess.

I agree, that it could be classified as SPAM. Technically SPAM does not have to be limited to email, but can also be any “internet clutter”. Just like some websites who create dozens of “doorway” pages with near identical content to promote their website. According to, Spam is:

“Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is commercial advertising.<continue reading their definition>.”