As someone who had numerous hip surgeries as a child, if it weren’t for the health care system here in Canada my parents would have been bankrupt, I would have ended up in a wheelchair, or both. BUT Because of our health care, I walk round just like everyone else with a small limp – people I have known for years sometimes notice it and say “Oh, did you hurt your foot?”

I believe the United States is the only developed nation in the world that has seen medical bankruptcies. Lives destroyed, and people die because they can’t afford to seek medical treatment.

Here in Canada I can walk into any emergency room knowing that no matter how bit or small my problem, I will be treated fairly, properly, and for free!

Sure I pay for this indirectly with my tax dollars, but its the best tax dollars I’ve ever spent.

This is largely why I am so extremely confused why so many American’s are against Health Care. I can see politicians being against it as it costs money, and I can see private hospitals against it as it would put an end to the $100 cotton swab, but for those working class citizens, why on earth would you not want this?

Please, if you are an American and you are reading this, leave me a comment and help me understand why you would not want health care. Honestly, in the end it doesn’t impact me. I’m covered, but I still don’t understand.

Americans: Do you WANT HealthCare?

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