DNA is a scary thing. Law enforcement and the legal system use’s it for proving just about everything. On one hand it’s an amazing tool in identifying criminals, but it is not foolproof.

Recently my wife and I were watching the Discovery channel and they were talking about people who are “Chimeras”. You can research the details of this yourself, but in essence it is someone who is born with two different sets of DNA caused by the fusing of twins at the very early stages of pregnancy.

The two sets of DNA can be found just about anywhere. In one example a woman’s gallbladder had separate DNA from the rest of her body.

The show went on to discuss the case of one woman who was having her kids taken away from her by the courts. They claimed that they were not her kids, and DNA testing proved that they were not a match, but in fact, they were actually her kids.

After a lengthy court battle and several DNA tests, they ultimately found her to be a chimera, and as such, the DNA they could test, blood, hair, etc, was not a match for her kids, but that there was DNA hidden within her that was a match.

DNA, which seems like concrete evidence, has its holes, and our legal system relying so heavily on it to prove cases is scary – If you are actually innocent, but DNA tests somehow come up showing you as guilty, how on earth can you fight that?