I have to say that Donald Trump is amusing. He seems a bit crazy, but it allows for some great laughs for late night talk shows. I love his reaction when Obama’s birth certificate surfaced “I am really proud of myself”. Really? You should feel stupid Mr. Trump. You pushed so hard, you were so determined that Obama was not born in the US – you were proven wrong, and as a result you are proud of yourself? I think admitting you were wrong would be the more noble approach.

I would like to see your birth certificate. I am certain you were not born in the US. Your hair is proof that you are a Muppet, born in Fraggle Rock. Here is photographic evidence:

donald trump muppet

I think the birth certificate of yours that is circulating around is a fake. I have sent some private investigators to Fraggle Rock to investigage – I sent one to Sesame street also just to be sure.

Mr. Trump, If you do run for president, My originally reaction was that it would be a terrible mistake for Americans to vote for you – then I thought to my self, I am not American – and IF you were president, it would offer substantial comedic fodder for Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno.

So what the heck, the world is a screwed up place, may as well have fun with it.