Okay, so I am sick and tired of seeing people park where they are not supposed to park. Parking in yellow zones doesn’t bug me so much, but parking in designated spots that are entitled for someone else sure does.

There is a reason that we have parking designated for specific purposes and when these parking rights are abused it just isn’t right. Why can’t we live in a society where people know how to drive – and park.

Loading Zones
If you do not have the right to park in one of those, then DON’T. I used to drive a big delivery truck for a living in downtown Victoria. There was nothing I hated more then some bozo parked in my delivery zone, it made my job a pain in the ass sometimes.

Disabled Parking
If you are not disabled, then get the heck out of these spots. Disabled spots are not only meant to help people due to their location, but also their size. Try getting a wheelchair in and out of a car when you are parked in a normal-width spot. There is a reason these spots are reserved.

Parking for Parent with Child
I used to think of these spots as a joke, until my daughter was born. Now I realize that they are actually very helpful. In this case, its largely about being close to the store. If its pouring rain and I have to run out to Wal-Mart for something, the last thing I want to do is park at the back of the log and get my newborn soaking wet – oh what fun that is. I don’t care if I get wet, but I also don’t scream when I am uncomfortable.

Please also note, that just because you have your 17 year old kid with you, that does not give you the right to park in these spots – see that picture of a baby buggy on the sign? If you kid is too old for a stroller, park elsewhere.

Senior Spots
Are you 65 or older? No? Keep out of these spaces. I find it annoying when I go to the grocery store and there are 10 empty senior spots between the closest everyone-space and the front door, but you know what, show some respect. Old people are slow, and if they have to park at the back of the lot they just may never make it home.

Fire Lanes and Police Spots
This seems like a no brainer. If I am in the store and fire breaks out or the place is robbed, I don’t want to burn up or get shot cause of some idiot who figures “well, I’ll just be a sec”. Keep out of these areas.

Well there is my little rant for the day. This rant was inspired by the owner of a smart car parked in the parent with child parking at Wal-Mart – with, that’s right, no child. Grr.