Have you ever wanted to get paid for simply watching ads? Crypto Startup Permission.IO is offering just that. Signup Today, Earn 250 ASK, and then get paid anywhere from 5 to 45 or more ASK for each ad you watch. It is that simple!

About Permission.io

The Permission.io platform establishes the permission economy by bringing advertising into the blockchain age through its Permission Marketplace.

Fueled by the ASK Token, Permission.io is empowering individuals to take control of their personal data and put revenue where it belongs: into the wallets of consumers.

By helping companies form trusted relationships directly with their customers, Permission.io seeks to end the current model of interruption marketing, while delivering superior advertiser ROI.

How do I sign up to Earn Crypto with Permission.io?

Signing up is easy! Simply Follow This Link or scan the QR Code!

Permission.io - Earn ASK by Watching ads

What is Permission.io’s Mission?

Our mission is to end data exploitation and empower individuals to control and manage their own data. We seek to facilitate trust between advertisers and consumers, enabling consumers to monetize their personal data while delivering improved ROI to advertisers.

Why does Permission.io Use CryptoCurrency Instead of Standard Currency?

There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the easiest to understand is that it is not economic to conduct micropayments (e.g. payments of amounts less than a dollar) in dollars through any existing commercial channels. In a cryptocurrency, using well selected technology, managing payments of even a few cents can be economic. Our business model requires a real-time micropayments ability.

When Will the Permission Token (ASK) Go Live?

The Permission Token (ticker: ASK) will move from our testnet environment to our mainnet at the end of 2018.