Electric Camping Trailer – The Future of Camping

I currently drive a gas guzzling Toyota Tundra with a 5.7L V8. It is terrible for the environment but I will admit I love my truck. When I purchased it 3 years ago I would have loved to buy a pure electric half-ton pickup. Unfortunately no feasible options existed (and still don’t) that can serve my purposes which include towing a 28′, 7000lb travel trailer. My next truck will hopefully be all electric – if the tech and price points get to where I need them to be. But an electric camping trailer? I hadn’t thought about this…

One thing that never crossed my mind was the idea of an electric travel trailer. Not just one that uses electricity for lights and things, but one that takes electricity to the next level. Today I saw a post on Green Car Reports that blew my mind. The concept for this German all-electric proto-type is simply genius.

Dethleffs, a German RV maker has created an electric camping trailer that is simply revolutionary. I believe a major game changer in the coming decades. You can read the full article at Green Car Reports, but here are some point form notes about this trailer:

  • Contains a battery bank under the floor
  • A controller installed in the tow vehicle communicates with the trailer to assist with acceleration and braking
  • Similar to how a Segway works, power can be used to adjust weight distribution to reduce tongue weight
  • Trailer can be ‘driven’ without a vehicle to help with parking/maneuvering in tight spaces while disconnected
  • Battery bank can be used as an off-grid power source for your home when the trailer is not in use
  • Roof contains solar panels to keep trailer charged

All in all, when I am ready to replace my current travel trailer, if a suitable electric version such as this exists and is available in my area I will have no choice but to strongly consider it as my next camper.