I have to say that when we first heard that Ellen Degeneres was going to be the new host on American Idol, both my wife and I did not think she would be all that great.

We thought she would be too funny for the show, taking too much of the spotlight. We were worried that she would be too much like Paula – super nice to everyone, everyone’s “biggest fan”, and just a waste of space.

Boy were we wrong.

We are both pleasantly surprised that Ellen seems to bring that perfect mix of honestly, niceness, and humor. She cracks some jokes, but doesn’t go overboard. She calls things as they are. If someone does a bad job, she tell them, but manages to do it in a somewhat nice way.

Ellen, If you are reading this (which you probably aren’t) My wife and I support you, and hope to see you on several more seasons of American Idol. I’m sorry we thought you wouldn’t be a good fit – I admit, we were wrong.