If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Comfort Wipe is the latest invention poised to revolutionize the world of ass wiping. Why touch that nasty toilet paper and reach around when you can simply put it on the end of a stick and go to town.

The Comfort Wipe is one invention that makes me laugh and laugh, and I am left wondering how much money the inventors have lost.

Before you read about the failed attempt to return a broken “comfort wipe” you may want to watch their TV spot – and yes I’m afraid, it is a legitimate product & ad:

Now Chris Bucholz over at Cracked.com has written about his efforts to return a failed one of these. I am almost certain it is a spoof as right before he introduces his tale he says “I am honestly a little suspicious that it’s a real product” Regardless, the read will have you crying, its very funny indeed. Be sure to read: “My Failed Attempt to Return a Broken Comfort Wipe“.