First off let me say I do feel sympathy for the many people who have lost their homes to fire down in California. The same sympathy goes out to those who were flooded out during Katrina. But I have to say, I simply don’t understand these people.

The fires in California recur year after year, and yet people still rebuild, knowing the risk they are taking. Sure, it would be very sad to lose your home to fire, but I would think that’s the risk you take when you build in an area so susceptible to it.

When it comes to New Orleans, it’s a similar situation. The area is prone to hurricanes and flooding, and at least from what I have seen on the news, etc, everyone says that this will happen again – and again. Global warming is giving us stronger weather patterns that will make this kind of thing keep coming back. So why rebuild there? Why not relocate to a safer place less likely to be destroyed in the near future?

I get that it’s home and all that, and to be perfectly honest, I just may do the same thing, but just because I would do the same thing does not help me to understand. What is with us as a species.

All this brings back a memory I have from about 10 years ago. There was a huge wasp’s nest in our garden. Rather than use chemicals to kill them off, I stood my distance and blasted the hive to bits with the garden hose. A few days or so later, the hive was back, and once again I destroyed it. They rebuild yet a third time. Determined, I turned on the water and flooded them out once again. After that third time, they never came back – they moved on and found a new place to build. Perhaps we humans need to learn from the wasps.

(With all that in mind, I am guessing the wasps moved to someone else’s yard only to be “raided” out by someone less compassionate than myself. Oh well)