What is this world coming to?

If you think its time to trade in that old beater of a truck for a good ‘ol fancy new one, now’s the time if you live in Missouri!

Over at Max Motors, President Mark Muller is offering a free AK-47 with the purchase of a truck!

Now I am not convinced that this latest promotion is to try and sell more trucks – at least not directly. I am positive that it is simply to draw national and international attention to his business, and website, and as a result, well, he sells more trucks.

On his home page he has links to Fox, CNN, CNBC and other videos where he was interviewed about this promotion, and in some ways it is a genius way to get some serious link bait for his website. (It’s too bad he didn’t take the time to create decent looking site – looks like something I might have created way back in high school.)

I think if I had a car dealership I would offer a free bazooka with every purchase. That would be way cool.

Here is one interview that I will refrain from offering my opinion on – “Mama always said, if you don’t have anything nice to say…”

I guess with this, I am actually helping his efforts… oh well, its still interesting, and, I guess he still does deserve a little credit for creativity.