Well, I am not going to go deep into this one, but the NRDC recently released a study noting that they estimated that gamers use up approximately $1 billion worth of energy per year on gaming alone – yes you heard right, $1 billion!

But hold on there just a minute. A report over at cnet says this figure is rather bloated, noting that NRDC estimated that 50% of gamers leave their consoles on 24 hours a day. What? 24 hours a day? Really? Who on earth does that?

I am not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy playing with my Wii now and then, usually for an hour at a time, (that’s my Nintendo Wii for you perverts out there), I can’t imagine it being on 31. (31, you know, 24 + 7 = 31… you don’t watch ‘Two and a Half Men’ do you?).

Regardless, I don’t argue that a ton of power is gobbled up by gamers, but what about all those other power hungry people, like those using electric lawnmowers, they have to account for something – unplug that drain on the grid and burn some fossil fuels already!