Guns. Why do Americans love their guns so much? I am not a fan of guns, although I can understand many situations and circumstances where one should be allowed to own one. But one thing I will never understand is why some people feel they are entitled to own assault rifles. When would the average individual ever need to fire out several shots per second? I can not think of a single instance where this would be warranted – well, barring a potential zombie apocalypse.

Gun Access
Gun access is too easy in the states. Plain and simple.

I am Canadian. When I was a kid I owned a .144 pellet gun. Barely powerful enough to dent a beer can. When I ran out of pellets, I needed my dad to purchase more for me. The stores would not sell pellets to a minor. This barely even qualified as a gun. In the states a 13 year old can walk into a gun show and legally purchase a rifle on his own. How can that possibly be permitted?

I am a believer of gun Control. I do not think that guns need to be taken away from everyone, but I do firmly believe that a persons ability to purchase a gun needs to be strictly regulated. People need proper training to drive a car, why not own a gun?

One argument from the NRA and gun enthusiasts is that criminals can easily get guns. Laws will not stop them. Perhaps there is some truth to this, but currently any terrorist that wants an assault rifle, can in many states, just walk out and buy one legally! It isn’t even a challenge. It is simple – and ridiculous.

There are numerous cases in the US where toddlers have shot their parents or friends. This is a clear indication that the parents of those toddlers should not have owned a gun. They do not understand gun safety. Perhaps tighter regulations could have prevented all those related incidents. If you think it is safe to put a loaded weapon under the seat of your car you should not be permitted to own a gun – or perhaps you at least deserve to have your toddler shoot you from the back seat. (As of early May, 23 people had already been shot by toddlers in the US in 2016! 23!) Year to date in Canada, the number stands at zero. In 2015 there was one. In the US in 2015 there were 43 as of this October post.  That is about one a week!

easier-gun-puppyAccording to a recent piece on CNN, getting a gun is easier than getting a puppy! How does this make any sense at all? It is also easier to get a gun than cold medicine, a divorce, a passport, and many other things. If you ask me, getting a gun should be one of the most difficult things to obtain. Illegal ownership should be faced with extremely strict fines. Also, until recently an american could not bring a Kinder Surprise across the border, but guns? Sure why not.

Australia enacted strict gun laws back in the 90’s. Since then, zero mass shootings have occurred. Zero. Isn’t it time that the US cracked down on gun control? Sure it will not eliminate gun violence, but it will drastically reduce it. Isn’t that a good enough reason?

Should gun ownership be more tightly regulated in the US?

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