A few weeks ago I posted about a Hidato puzzle from Discover Magazine and how I had found an extra solution not noted in the magazine, making 5 total solutions not the originally noted 4. (See my original Hidato post here, along with the reader comments)

Shortly after my post I had a comment posted by “matt” noting an extra spot where the 16 could fall, with the solution. (The location being the third spot in the top row)

Wow, a 6th solution to the original problem.

Then, just the other day, “JM” left a comment noting 5 more solutions all placing the 16 in that third spot. So, at least at this point, there are a total of 6 possible locations for the #16, with at least 6 total solutions placing the 16 in that third spot.

For such a new blog, I am surprised I have had so many comments posted on this topic – I love it! Keep them coming!

If you have any other possible answers to this puzzle, please send them over! I am curious to see if there are any other solutions. I can’t find any, but I am far from a puzzle expert.