I spend most of my life sitting in front of my computer. Part of the time it is out of choice, (checking emails, posting photos, all that kind of stuff), but most of the time it’s for work. I sit at my desk for nearly 40 hours a week working,

This is all fine, it’s a part of life – I don’t have a problem with it. I like my job and enjoy what I do. Sure I would rather be at the beach, but wouldn’t everyone? But even though I enjoy my job, I absolutely love it when I can walk away and spend a bunch of time far far away from my computer.

One thing about my job that I find is that I just cant stop thinking about it. When I’m on holidays, or even just having some “me” time on the weekends with the thoughts of work buried away in the depths of my brain, something always comes up that makes me think of work again.

This past weekend Lyndsay, Emma and I, spent a few nights over on the West Coast in Tofino. Three nights with no television, radio, or internet – just the three of us in an ocean front cabin with no plans other then relaxation.

I had no intent of thinking about work for the whole time. I flipped open my new discover magazine, and what should I see? A page devoted to Larry and Sergey, the founders of Google. (Page 47, December 2008 Issue) Seeing their picture and the word “Google’ suddenly made me start thinking about work, my clients, my desk, and all the extra email that would be waiting for me when I returned to my desk on Monday morning.

Again I like my job, but I have to say having thoughts of work shooting through my brain when on vacation is still rather annoying. I blame Google. If only there were a way to leave work and erase it from my brain at 5:00 every evening not to think about it till 9 the next morning. Do they make a pill for that?