Andy Williams said it best, it really is “the most wonderful time of the year“. As I look out my window I see a ton of freshly fallen snow, and more coming down to join it. I love the snow, I love the cold, and I love the holiday season. Wait. No, I love Christmas Time. There I said it. Christmas.

Everywhere you go people are saying “Happy Holidays”, “Seasons Greetings”, etc, but nobody says “Merry Christmas” any more. Its too controversial, its offensive, whatever the reason, It’s incredibly annoying.

Why is it that people are offended by “Merry Christmas”. When I was a kid this was never the case – stores could put up signs, schools could put up decorations, people could say “Merry Christmas” to one another, and today – nope, can’t say that, it’s too offensive.

Give me a break.

If a Jewish man approached me and said “Happy Hanukkah” or a Chinese woman said “Gung Hei Fat Choy”, or anyone from any religion or country wished me the best for their practiced holiday, I would be far from offended. Bring it on, bring on the cheer. I don’t have to celebrate a holiday that others enjoy and practice to appreciate the happiness it brings. I may be wrong, but I think most people would feel this way.

I would love to see the percentage of the Canadian or American population that is actually offended by someone saying Merry Christmas. I would bet it’s rather small, and frankly will never truly understand it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says or does, everything offends someone. I totally understand trying to put an end to racial slurs, or any comments that single out an individual or group in a negative light, but someone please, explain to me how saying “Merry Christmas” is negative or hurtful.

Once upon a time Christmas used to be a religious holiday, and sure it still is, but I know one heck of a lot of people who are not religious in any way that celebrate this time of year. It’s turned into a holiday that is not just about religion, but about family, and peace, and all that good stuff, and I don’t care who hears me say it, but:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Would you be offended if someone wished you a "Happy Holiday" for a holiday you dont celebrate?

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