I hate email spammers. I mean, I really hate them. As if it’s not bad enough to have my inbox bombarded with spam every day, now they are starting to have a larger negative impact on my life.

I recently went to send an email to a friend only to have the email bounce back. It seems the ISP has flagged and banned my IP for having a “poor reputation”. Innocent me, and everyone else who has behaved on the IP, are now faced with troubles as the result of one bad egg.

I guess this is just one of those risks that comes with having a shared IP. Wind up sharing with a spammer and get your IP banned.

As a result I have requested a different shared IP from my web host, and they replied saying that my only option was to purchase a dedicated IP. It’s a minimal expense, but one I wish I could pass on to the spammer that is making it necessary for me to make the purchase. How frustrating.