I read one of the funniest things ever today over at Wired.

A woman named Susan had used her husband’s iPhone and noticed a photo of his “special purpose” attached to an email in his “sent items” folder. The email was addressed to a woman with a Yahoo account.

She confronted her husband about this and he told her that, yes, he had taken the picture, but had never sent it to anyone – he said it was an “iPhone glitch” that randomly takes photos stored in the phone, and attaches them to emails located in the “sent” folder.

Susan then posted a question in an Apple support thread asking if this glitch is real, noting her marriage depends on the answer.

I think it’s time she looks for a good divorce attorney.

FYI: “Special Purpose” is how Steve Martin referred to his penis in the 1979 movie, “The Jerk”. …Just in case you were wondering.