Officials are saying that Canada and the US is safe from the Radiation from the Japanese Nuclear Power Plants. But are we? I sure hope so.

I have to put some trust in the government about claims that we do not need to worry about Radiation here in North America, but I also have to wonder how honest this really is. If we were in real danger, would they actually tell us? I would hope they would, BUT, it could cause mass panic – and considering that we may very well be okay, why risk all that panic?

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I for one think we should be given the whole truth on this Radiation – perhaps we already are, but how would we really know?

I understand that so far the levels of leaked radiation are relatively low (according to various news reports). I also do believe, that much of this radiation will dissipate as it crosses the Pacific, quite possibly to zero before it reaches Canada & the US, BUT I can’t be sure – I don’t think anyone can be sure.

My cupboards are stocked, and we have plenty of bottled water. I am not sure it will do any good, but at least knowing my family can spend several days without having to leave the house offers a little bit of comfort.

I truly hope we can trust our government on this issue with Radiation, I am not convinced, but what other choice do I have?

So what are your thoughts on what the Government is saying?

Do you think the Politicians are being honest with us over concerns of Radiation?

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