An aggressive drunk and employee at Coastal Wealth in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, Joel M Singer assaulted a man. It was caught on video. Joel and his wealthy lawyer father have attempted to have all proof of this removed from the internet. They are failing. Their main objective is to remove the following video from existance.

Since they started working to remove the video, it has spread like wildfire. Here is the video in question

The full version of the video can be found at YouTube (At least until it is removed:

Singer has identified himself as the man in the video through several copyright claims. The claims have been successful in some instances and the video removed from both Vimeo and Google (YouTube). It does however, continue to pop up under various channels.

There have been claims of bribery against reddit moderators to remove this video for a fee. We were unable to confirm these allegations, but several reddit posts showcasing the video have been removed. Still, the video continues to resurface with new instances appearing in various subreddits daily. 

These subreddits range from InstantKarma, BullyBackfires, and many others. A search at Reddit for “Joel M Singer” brings up several instances addeded daily. Each seems to be generating a number of comments and upvotes as users attempt to ensure this video does not disappear.

The original incident appears to have occured in September of 2019. As far as we know, no criminal charges were pressed for the assaults.

The video and references to Joel M Singer can be found all over reddit and the internet. Here are a few for reference:

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