Ahh, I remember back in the day – our old 486 4-100. It was lightning fast, faster than all my friends, and faster then all the computers in the school – that thing rocked. It had a HUGE hard drive in it too, a mind-blowing 512 megs, and those 8 megs of ram, almost unheard of!

Its hard to believe that we have exceeded those amazing storage and technological capabilities! Today, 1TB hard drives are not uncommon, and even JumpDrives far exceed the capacity of hard drives from just a couple years back. I saw a secure 16 GB JumpDrive at Lexars website that had a capacity meter built in – pretty cool really. 16GB on a jump drive is really quite amazing considering that just a few short years ago, standard hard drives didn’t even reach this figure.

With USB 3.0 in the works, it wont be long before every computer has it, and that will open up a lot of opportunities for speed. I can see a future where all your software, operating system, everything, is stored on a jump drive. Take the jump drive to the office, or over to a friends house, plug it into their machine, and run all your software, games, operating system etc, all off of the JumpDrive. Today, USB 2.0 would likely be a bit too slow for this idea to work, but when usb 3.0 takes off (expected next year) its speeds of up to 10x that of 2.0 may make this kind of usage possible.

(Note, if 16 GB is not big enough for you, CDW has a 64 GB jump drive available, but at over $5000, you might want to wait a bit)