When I was a kid I always loved Lego. Usually I would build a little Lego house and a Lego car, then smash the Lego car through the house – hours of fun! Sometimes I would even build things and put them on the tracks of my electric train set and crash the train into them. What is it with boys and destruction? One of my biggest challenges was to use ALL my blocks to build something, but I always seemed to have a couple left over with no purpose.

Well, some guys over in the Netherlands have used their childhood toys to create a working digital safe. You can take a look at their website if you like, but its not in English, so if you’re like me, it won’t help much.

Their safe is complete with an electronic display and motion sensor alarm. Using five double digit codes to open it, the 305 billion possible combinations make it incredibly difficult to hack.

It may be secure enough to keep your Lego safe from your little brother, but I’m sure a swift kick, or a few hits from a hammer would crack this safe. Regardless, it is still very cool, and far beyond anything I have ever built with my Lego.

Take a look at the Lego Safe in the following YouTube Video: