KFC Double Down

The KFC Double Down

I am sick with a cold right now. The idea of eating anything at the moment makes me cringe. But moments ago I was introduced (via a twitter post by @girlwithnoname) to the KFC Double Down. Two boneless fried chicken breasts with bacon and cheese in the middle. I have to admit, it actually looks quite appealing to me, and I would love to go try one!

@girlwithnoname posted

RANTING… AH-GAIN!!!! THIS Is Why We Are Obese http://gwnn.me/Obese RT Please”

So that made me think, great! A link to some bad crazy food! Sure enough, it is bad & crazy, but at just over 500 calories, it certainly is not the worst fast food treat. The Baconator is worse (and delicious).

I don’t eat foods like this often, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying them when I do get my hands on them. Have you tried this double down? drop a comment with your thoughts on it – also be sure to vote below!!! (

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