I don’t smoke pot. I am not a fan of pot. I have no interest in having marijuana in my life at all. I really do not want my kids to start smoking pot (once they are old enough to know what it is). I also think marijuana should be completely legal. Everywhere.

Many people make the comparison to alcohol, and I have to agree. Is being stoned any different than being drunk? I am no doctor, nor do I know all the negative aspects of smoking dope, but I can’t imagine it is any worse than cigarettes, and perhaps if you grow you own (cannabis seeds are available online all over the place these days) and know exactly what you are smoking it is probably less hazardous.

But forget about the health aspect. Lets talk dollars and cents. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent each year on law enforcement specifically targeted at grow ops, busting dealers, and other cannabis related crimes. Make it legal, and not only does that expenditure disappear, a new revenue stream is created in all the tax dollars collected from the legal stream of marijuana.

I don’t see the problem. Just legalize it already.

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