magic goatSo you have decided to live a life of crime – stealing cars, mugging people, armed robbery, and all that bad stuff. Whats the best way to escape being busted by the police? Well, you may think it’s turning yourself into a Goat, but the police are onto that trick – at least in Nigeria.

When I read this story I was sure it was direct from the presses over at the Onion, but after seeing it at Reuters and Yahoo News, I suspect ths story is true – sorta.

You can read the full story over at Yahoo News, but the jist of it is that a group of vigilantes hauled a goat into a police station in Nigeria claiming it was an armed robber who turned himself into a goat to escape arrest after attempting to steal a Mazda 323.

Apparently this goat is still in police custody – yet another reason I am glad to be Canadian.