So you have decided that its time to have lunch. You head over to the local McDonalds and order up some McNuggets. You give the cashier your money, she gives you your change, then she notifies you that they are sold out of nuggets.

Now in most cases, you would do one of two things: Either change your order, pay the difference, and carry on, OR get a full refund, and get something to eat elsewhere.

Well, for a Florida woman, Latresesa Goodman, when she asked for her money back, the manager at the McDonalds refused, and it resulted in not one, not two, but three 911 calls.

Goodman was furious that the McDonalds would not return her money (and rightfully so) but withholding McNuggets is a far cry from an emergency, and definitely not worthy of a 911 call.

The police finally arrived at the McDonalds and Goodman certainly didn’t get what she wanted – instead she was arrested for misuse of 911.

According to TMZ, McDonalds ultimately sent her a full refund and an apology as well as a certificate for free meal. They noted that the customer should have received a refund, and regret what has happened.

Now I agree that McDonalds was in the wrong, but Goodman certainly should not have called 911. It got me thinking, what would I do? Well, if management refused to refund my money, I am not entirely sure what I would do. Perhaps a letter to the paper and a phone call to McDonalds head office to launch a formal complaint – I doubt I would call 911. Maybe I’d even take them on Judge Judy, although that would be more humiliating, and not worth the $5 return.

A recording of all three 911 calls can be heard here.