Its Christmas morning, and what a busy one. This year will mark my daughters first, and at just under 10 months, the only thing she seems to care about the holidays so far is eating the Christmas tree. When it comes time to open the presents she will undoubtedly tear her gifts open and attempt to consume the wrapping paper, not giving a care for whatever is inside the box.

For the first year even our pets got stockings. Not sure what my wife Lyndsay was thinking, but, heck, it’s Christmas, why not.

I am guessing also that today, nobody will read my Blog. Afterall, it’s Christmas morning – who is out reading random blogs with so much other stuff to do. I will be curious to see my web stats for today to see how many readers I actually managed to get. If you happen to read this on the 25th, drop me a “Merry Christmas” comment – Please?

Today we have my dad coming over in the morning, then we are off to Lyndsay’s dad’s, then back home, then over to my dads for dinner. It will be exhausting, but a lot of fun.

It also looks like it will be a white Christmas this year. Whats that? Why don’t I just look out the window and check? Well, I am writing this a few days early because, well, I doubt I will be on the computer at all on the 25th, so this post was a scheduled one.

At any rate, Merry Christmas Everyone, enjoy the day, and don’t eat too much turkey and chocolate!