So yesterday we bought an XBOX 360. We are not big gamers, but thought the kinect would be fun, along with some other XBOX Gaming. One other main reason we wanted it was for easy video streaming of Netflix in higher quality than our Wii can offer. We were also hoping to watch some network television from the various network websites.

Boy were we mistaken. The main thing we wanted was to watch shows from network websites and stream Netflix. The XBOX 360 can do only one of these two things, and that is at a cost.

We already pay $7 a month to Netflix, but in order for it to work XBOX and Microsoft require a GOLD member ship at a cost of $8 a month. Wait what? That is like me paying DELL a fee to allow Netflix to work on my purchased laptop! This is gouging at its best! You really require the GOLD membership to do just about everything! Can’t even view YouTube without it! This is a joke.

To top it off, there is no web browser either! Really?? Even the Wii has one!

I REFUSE to pay Microsoft a monthly fee to do things I can do for free on ALL my other devices. The XBOX was packed up and returned to the store. I will never buy an XBOX again unless things change significantly into the future.

At least I got my money back.